Bleach* Festival 2018

Bleach* Festival illuminates, reflects, beams, focuses and most importantly connects art, with community.

Bleach* Festival 2017 explores the convergence of sport and art, bringing cutting edge music, circus, theatre, dance, cabaret and visual art to 23 Gold Coast locations across three huge weekends from 31 March to 16 April.

Further proving the evolution of the Coast from a sleepy surf town to a vibrant metropolis with a bustling art and cafe culture, Bleach* Festival is diverse multi-arts program of amazing physical feats, exciting mini-festivals, championing local musicians, challenging site-specific theatre and participatory arts projects, featuring local, national and international artists and companies.

As the signature, annual multi-arts festival of the Gold Coast, Bleach* Festival shines a light on unique creativity and culture by presenting the city in a new way, to new audiences, both locally and internationally as we build towards the 2018 Commonwealth Games and beyond!

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