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Avoid Common Styling Mistakes- Styling your Home for Selling Success

By Zahndra Kershaw

In a competitive real estate market, getting an edge can be the difference between your home selling quickly or languishing on the market far longer than you’d hoped, and perhaps selling at a price below your expectations.

But these top tips, from 13 Interiors designer and director Kelly Donougher will sure to set you on the right path. Ms Donougher has prepared a list of the styling no-no’s that everyone should avoid.


“It’s a tough one, but removing any signs of emotional attachment from your homes interior will make styling for sale a much easier process,” Ms Donougher said.

Easier said than done, right? Homeowners can often fall into the trap of styling to their preferred tastes, while ignoring the current market and what buyers may be looking for in your local area. “Do your research on current trends and colour schemes and look at ways in which you can incorporate these into your home.”

30 Eden Circuit, Reedy Creek.
Sold by Ray White Mermaid Beach.


“Secondly, always consider the layout and functionality of your furnishings,” Ms Donougher said. “This will allow potential buyers get the best view of how the space can work for them. Bulky armchairs and over sized coffee tables are a big mistake when it comes to creating flow in the home.”

“Potential buyers need to be able to feel the illusion of space, while visualising their own furnishings within that particular area.


Ms Donougher also said that leaving your clothes in the laundry and on the line is a big no-no!

“Yes, everyone has laundry to do and an easy fix is to close the door behind you but potential buyers will open that door to inspect every inch of the house, so please, keep it altogether in a hamper,” she said. “Alternatively, the ideal scenario is to complete all washing and drying the day before an open house so that all clothes are put back in their rightful place within house.

19 Greenview Terrace, Reedy Creek.
Sold By Ray White Mermaid Beach


“My next no-no on the list is about your home’s aroma,” Ms Donougher said. Please don’t overdo it with the fragrances. Over powering air fresheners will do more harm than good.”

“If you’re standing in the Coles aisle then you’re in the wrong place for choosing that perfect enticing smell for your home. Invest in a couple of good quality candles or diffusers to enhance the aroma of the home which will also tie in as a great accessory for styling.”

2/4 Rosewood Ave, Broadbeach. Sold by Ray White Mermaid Beach


“Finally, open the blinds and push back the curtains,” Ms Donougher said. “No one likes a dark and gloomy home. A common misconception is that people will focus on the home itself without caring too much about the light and feel but it’s quite the opposite.”

“Dark and light environments will create completely different moods for your home and at this stage I’m sure you want to create the best environment possible so clean those windows and bring in as much natural light as possible while creating the illusion of a larger space and enhance the feeling of open plan.”

26 Sunshine Blvd, Broadbeach Waters.
Listed For Sale by Ray White Mermaid Beach

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