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Ray White Auction event confirmed there is still a strong demand in buoyant market following Commonwealth Games

MORE than 300 people packed into the auction room of the Sheraton Grand Mirage at Main Beach to see more than $13 million worth of Gold Coast property change hands at Ray White’s corporate auction spectacular.
The auction was the culmination of a successful print marketing campaign by Ray White’s Gold Coast offices to leverage off the Commonwealth Games.
Ray White Queensland CEO Tony Warland (pictured below) said there were 200 bids from the 60 people registered for 51 properties ranging from prestige waterfront homes to affordable units. More than 25 per cent of the properties cleared on the day or just prior for more than $13 million in sales, with the rest in negotiation with buyers and likely to sell in coming days.
“We are delighted not only by the amount of sales today and prior but with the amount of property still being negotiated,” Mr Warland said. “We’ve created a lot of opportunities for sales and there’s no better way to achieve a premium price than when you become the competition creator. Buyers have more faith in a property’s value when other people are looking to buy it too and there was more than 200 bids today on these properties.”
Mr Warland said Ray White ran its biggest print marketing exercise ever undertaken with The Gold Coast Bulletin during the Commonwealth Games, with more than 300 pages of property marketed on behalf of their owners. “This campaign brought so much activity to the market during the Games period, creating so much opportunity for our sellers,” he said. “Some other agencies took time off during this period but Ray White put the time in.
“We made it our focus to enhance our owner’s properties to increase exposure for them during this period and the real success is now the market is re-emerging after the Commonwealth Games.
“More than one third of all auctions in Queensland in March were by Ray White. Being a leader in the market on behalf of the property owners means we have to do all the things that you can to create enquiry and a premium price for our owners.
“We are so enthralled with today and we are now talking about our June campaign for investors who want to finalise their portfolios before the end of the financial year.”
Ray White Queensland chief auctioneer Mitch Peereboom (pictured above) said today’s spirited auction event highlighted that buyers see long-term value in the Gold Coast. “The eyes of the world have firmly been on the Gold Coast in recent weeks with the Commonwealth Games and this auction event confirmed there is still a strong demand in this buoyant market,” Mr Peereboom said.
“The diversify of property on offer highlighted interest from buyers for properties from $200,000 to multi-million dollar waterfront homes.” 
Included in properties old prior to auction was 13 Port Drive, Mermaid Waters (pictured below) marketed by Mermaid Beach Sales Consultant Tash Santos.
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